Used Car History Reports

Unlock peace of mind with our detailed used car history reports, offering a comprehensive overview of accidents, finance, theft, and recall records.

Everything you need to know before buying your next car

With Checkit, you can easily access trustworthy information about a used vehicle's history, ensuring transparency and peace of mind during your car-buying process.

Crash History

Knowing a car's crash history provides insight into its structural integrity.

There is a car crash approx. every 30 seconds in Australia.

Finance History

A thorough review of finance history ensures a clean ownership transfer.

67% of all used cars have finance linked to them.

Theft History

Knowledge of theft history helps protect against purchasing stolen vehicles.

In every 1000 cars, 3 have a theft history.

Recall History

Awareness of recall history helps mitigate risks associated with vehicle malfunctions.

Over 3 million cars in Australia have a recall history.

What is in Your Checkit Report?

Our reports hold valuable resources that provide you with a detailed overview of a vehicle's status and history. You can confidently assess the value, verify the legal status, and safeguard your investment against unforeseen surprises.

Finance Owing

  • Our report reveals a vehicle's financial history.
  • Identify outstanding finance to avoid potential liabilities.
  • Secure transactions and safeguard your financial interests.

Stolen Status Report

  • Get instant confirmation on vehicle theft.
  • Avoid legal and financial complications.
  • Ensure a safe and legitimate ownership experience.

Official PPSR Certificate

  • Receive a copy of the official PPSR certificate in a simple scan.

  • Your copy of the certificate is permanently saved to your account for future use.

Visual Written Off Damage Report

  • Get a comprehensive report on the vehicle's written off damage.
  • Gain transparency on past accidents and damages
  • Assess repair expenses and safety implications.

Water Damage Check

  • Unlock information regarding any water-related issues the vehicle may have experienced
  • Evaluate the extent of water damage to avoid costly repairs down the line.

Takata Airbag Recalls

  • Provides information about whether a car has affected Takata airbags and is under recall.

Registration Details

  • Access accurate and reliable details regarding the vehicle's Australian registration, including registration status, expiry date, and relevant state or territory information.

Vehicle Details

  • Trust in the reliability and accuracy of the vehicle details provided in the report, including make, model, year, VIN, and more.

Australia-Wide Results

  • Our vehicle PPSR checks provide Australia-wide results on a vehicle's history and status regardless of its location in Australia.

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